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1DocWay is an innovative Telepsychiatry platform built to better connect hospitals with the patients in and around their community. We offer patients in underserved areas a better experience accessing the care they need, and provide hospitals an opportunity to expand their footprint and offer their services to a much broader population base.

1DocWay provides a HIPAA-compliant video chat platform that transforms any room with a webcam and internet connection into a doctor’s office. We help connect patients with psychiatrists quickly and easily, eliminating all the headaches (travel time, wait time, paperwork, etc.) associated with the traditional office visits of the past.

1DocWay is committed to improving the healthcare process for everyone involved. Through 1DocWay patients have easier access to more physicians, and are able to receive the best care possible with fewer hurdles. Doctors and hospitals are able to greatly expand the area they serve and better care for the many patients who cannot, for one reason or another, make the trip to receive the care they need.